Our Mission

We are here to provide you with superior computer support services at an affordable price.  IRT has been providing on-line backup services for five years to private and corporate accounts. Since this was such a success with our private and corprate customers, IRT has begin to expand our operations and is now offering this important service to anyone.

Why do computers go south when the normal Systems Administrator is out of town? When this happens and you need them back right now! Call IRT, we provide on-call Systems Administration services. With our service along side your normal full or part time administrator, there is 100% coverage at all times. Please see our On Call Services page for more information and to request a quotation.

Tired of the same mass produced systems from the big name brands? Tired of automated technical support? At IRT we're real people. We make real computer systems for everyone from the average Joe to the Gamer who wants the most frames per second possible. We build systems that are fast, stable, reliable and affordable. If you want the most from your hardware through over clocking, that is not a problem either. We offer one year standard warranty on parts and support. Whether you got a stock system, or an over clocked one. Please visit our Custom Built Systems page for more information.


Consulting Services

We provide expert consultation and guidance on every aspect of Information Technology.
Our experienced staff will help you plan, implement and maintain custom network systems that fit your specific business needs.

The services we provide are:

  • LAN and WAN design, installation and configuration.
  • Server systems and farms.
  • Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Virus installation and configuration.
  • Microsoft Windows and Linux integration.
  • Web Services (Microsoft and/or Linux.)
  • Custom built systems and servers.
  • Disaster recovery planning and implementation.
  • Software license auditing and compliance.

...and much more. Have a residential project you'd like to do? No problem! Give us a call today to see how we can help turn your next new project or upgrade into an easily maintainable and scalable network infrastructure that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

Backup Services

Here at IRT we understand that your data is important. That's why we offer offsite, internet based backup solutions for the residential customer and small or medium sized business. Our backup software is custom built, with an industry standard back end for quick and reliable data transfers. Your data will first travel over an encrypted tunnel to our servers. When it gets to our servers, it will be stored in an encrypted drive on our systems. This isn't the final stop for your data. We then mirror between our two data centers over an encrypted link to another set of systems that employ encrypted drives for added security. Account access is limited by a user name and password which is stored encrypted on your system and ours. This ensures that your data is safe in our hands in the unfortunate event that a disaster occurs.

Everyday 1,600+ laptops will be stolen and the number is increasing. Most of these laptops will not be recovered so the data that is stored on them may be gone forever. With IRT's backups service, you can replace the stolen hardware and get on with your life. Hardware theft isn't the only risk to your data. Hard disk drives for desktops and laptops don't have an infinite life time to them. When they fail, they will generally take all of your data with them. If you don't have back ups of your data, then you could spend several thousands of dollars for data recovery experts to try and retrieve your data.

Our service is cost effective starting at about what it costs for a can of soda per day:
Storage Amount* Cost Per Month
10GiB $19.95USD
20GiB $28.95USD
30GiB $35.00USD
40GiB $42.00USD
50GiB $45.00USD
>50GiB Call for a custom quote
If you refer two or more people to our service and they remain customers for 90 days, we will give you three months of backup at your plan rate.
*Storage amount is based upon 1GiB = 1,073,741,824 Intel Bytes.

We offer unlimited internet based restores and backups. What we bill you on is the actual storage space of your data. We also don't charge for sparse files (files filled with 0's) as this incurs less storage requirements on our servers.

If the need shall arise, we offer CD or DVD copies of your data mailed to you free of charge over standard U.S. Postal Service, no matter how many we have to send to you. For standard overnight we charge a low $5USD per transaction fee, no matter how many disks it takes.
For instances where you would like us to send these copies of your data more than quarterly, we offer a low $10 processing fee for overnight service for each instance.

With the low cost of internet based backups, there is no excuse anymore for not backing up.

Network Design Services

IRT understands that the backbone of every business is its network. Whether it is a LAN or WAN that you rely on near 100% uptime and security to protect you intellectual property and confidential information, we know how to provide those services at an affordable rate. Indian River Technology llc has years of experience installing reliable, secure and expandable networks from a single office to several multi-national offices connected by Virtual Private Networks. We provide affordable, clear and concise advice on which products will fit your networking environment. IRT not only provides consultation to businesses, but also provides the same level of service to residential customers as well. Next time you are looking to expand your network, give IRT a call for a free competitive needs assessment and quote.


On Call Services

Here at IRT, we understand that down time is a major issue to most SMBs. We provide support in the event a server crash happens or a malware event occurs on your network. Our skilled technicans are there just in case something does go astray. We cover late night server crashes, weekend data center moves and all other emergency issues that arrise. We provide this service to small business, medium business and residential users.

Can't afford to hire a network administrator full time? We can help! We can provide call-by-call support, part time support or can even provide full time support staff.

Call today to find more information about our services!


Custom Systems

Need that next killer gaming rig built? Maybe you need a new server based on the lastest and best hardware around? No problem here at IRT. We have years of expierence designing, building and testing custom built systems. We have expierence with building standard systems requireing just web browsing and email capablities all the way up to liquid cooled gamming rigs. We also will custom build that server that matches exactly to your spec providing scaliablity, reliablity and availiablity.

Put IRT to work building your next system and see why we add more value than the big name brands!


Bespoke Programming

Need a special application to perform a critical business task? No Problem! Our personnel can provide that special software application custom developed to perform your business critial task. Our programmers have expierence with intergrating into Intuit Quickbooks, Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, Outlook and Access), Windows and Databases such as Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL.
We work directly with you to develop applications that bring value to your business processes.

Give us a call today to find out more information about IRT's Bespoke Programming services.


System Maintenance

System Maintenance Packages
A computer, much like an automobile, required routine maintenance to keep it performing at peek levels. We offer three basic packages for residential and business customers. Each package has variable pricing that offers larger discounts when you pay for six months or a year in advance. All of our business customers receive one e-mail address per device covered under any plan when paid for a year in advance. We also offer discounts on the Remote Backup service even if you pay month to month. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to day to find out more information.

System Maintenance Package 1

This package consists of a monthly check on your computer. We will scan for viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. In the event a virus is detected you will receive one free simple virus removal per month (non stackable). *Our monthly virus scan should not replace your active virus scanner, it is always important to have an active virus scanning tool with current updates running on your system at all times. We are merely a second line in defense when it comes to viruses. We will defragment your hard drive to help keep it in top performance, and clean out all the temporary internet files and cookies that may potentially slow or crash your system. This also includes 2 free Remote Assistances monthly (non stackable.) When you combine this service with the Remote Backup you receive a 25% discount off the remote backup service.

System Maintenance Package 2

This package builds on package 1 by adding a monthly registry cleaning, a bi-weekly virus scan, 3 free Remote Assistance and a monthly hardware check. When you combine this service with the Remote Backup you receive will a 30% discount off the remote backup service.

System Maintenance Package 3

This package builds on package 2 by adding a weekly virus scan that includes a free complicated virus removal if needed (does not include System Restore if needed, however System Restore will receive a 25% discount), bi weekly cleanings of the registry, temporary internet files, and cookies, along with a bi-weekly defragmentation of hard drives. This package also includes Remote Assistance when needed and free Remote Backup. For our local customers, they may also opt to bring in their systems for a free physical cleaning and inspection once monthly. This ensures proper cooling and operation of your computer. When you combine this service with the Remote Backup you receive will a 40% discount off the remote backup service.

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Backup Terms

Account Terms

All backup accounts are based on a month to month basis, this is known as the "billing cycle". The day the account is opened is day one of the billing cycle. The billing cycle extends from that day to the same number day of the next month. Example, an account is opened on the first of the month, the 1st of the next month is when the bill is sent to the user. If the account is opened on the 31st of the month, the billing cycle will run to the last day of the next month.

Account Fee Calculation Metrics

Automated scripts run at 1am EST every day and calculate usage statistics. If the script finds that an account goes over the allotted backup amount, the account will be pro-rated at the next tariff amount. For example, a user is subscribed to the 10GiB account and goes over into 11GiB for the remainder of the month. If the month is August, which has 31 days, and the user goes over on August 16th (this account runs the first to the first of every month) the user will be billed at (((15/31)*19.95) + ((16/31)*28.95)) + $5 overage fee for total of $29.59 for the month of August. Once the user goes back down to their plan allotment they will then be billed for the plan amount for any part of the remaining month. If the customer calls before the end of the month and upgrades to the next allotment, they will not be charged the overage fee but only the prorated amount ($24.59 in the previous example.) If the user flip/flops between in their allotment and outside of their allotment for the month, they will only be charged the single $5 overage fee for the entire billing cycle along with the pro-rated amount for the days the account is over the allotment. If the overage extends into the next billing cycle, the user will be charged again for the overage. Users can check the account status on the website and configure email updates if overages should occur.

Account Conditions

If a user account falls delinquent more than 30 days, the user will be sent a registered with return receipt letter that warns the account and all accompanying data will be erased. The account will also be flagged read-only so no new data can accumulate on the server. If after 30 additional days from the receipt of the returned letter or signed receipt the user does not respond, all data will be wiped (erased) from the servers. The user will still be responsible for the delinquent account amount up until the date the notification was sent to the user.
If IRT receives a take down notice that copyright infringement occurred, the account will be suspended and a registered return receipt letter will be sent with a copy of the notice. Up until the day the letter is mailed, the user is responsible for any charges to the account. It will be up to the user to notify the agency which sent the notice to notify IRT that material was not infringing on any copyrights. If the material is found to infringe, all of the data in the user's account will be erased. IRT keeps logs of connections to its servers for the purpose, but limited to, the identification of fraudulent activities, abuse of the systems, or attempts to brake into the servers. If any user is found to be accessing areas outside their allotted storage space, the account will disabled and the proper authorities will be contacted.

Company Information
Indian River Technology llc.
(231) 446-5807

Indian River Technology llc.

Terms of service

At IRT, we protect our customer's data like it is our own. This is why all backup data is stored in encrytped partitions on our servers. Any data collected from the website will never be shared or sold to anyone. The data we do collect for statitistial and error debugging purposes is, but not limited to; client ip address, client operating system/browser as reported by the client browser and date and time. Any e-mails sent to IRT staff will not be shared with 3rd parties.
We will only turn over data to a government agency when that agency has the proper requests as required by law. If you have any questions regarging our privacy policies, feel free to give us a call.