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Indian River Technology Consulting Services (IRTCS) has a simple mission. We are here to provide you with superior computer support services at an affordable price.  IRTCS has been providing on-line backup services for five years to private and corporate accounts. Since this was such a success with our private and corprate customers, IRTCS has begin to expand our operations and is now offering this important service to anyone.

Online Back-up

Here at IRTCS we understand that your data is important. That's why we offer offsite, internet based backup
solutions for the residential customer and small or medium sized business. Our backup software is custom built, with an industry standard back end for quick and reliable data transfers. Your data will first travel over an encrypted tunnel to our servers. When it gets to our servers, it will be stored in an encrypted drive on our systems. This isn't the final stop for your data. We then mirror between our two data centers over an encrypted link to another set of systems that employ encrypted drives for added security. Account access is limited by a user name and password which is stored encrypted on your system and ours. This ensures that your data is safe in our hands in the unfortunate event that a disaster occurs.

Everyday 1,600+ laptops will be stolen and the number is increasing. Most of these laptops will not be recovered so the data that is stored on them may be gone forever. With IRTCS's backups service, you can replace the stolen hardware and get on with your life. Hardware theft isn't the only risk to your data. Hard disk drives for desktops and laptops don't have an infinite life time to them. When they fail, they will generally take all of your data with them. If you don't have back ups of your data, then you could spend several thousands of dollars for data recovery experts to try and retrieve your data.

Our service is cost effective starting at about what it costs for a can of soda per day:

If you refer two or more people to our service and they remain customers for 90 days, we will give you three months of backup at your plan rate.
*Storage amount is based upon 1GiB = 1,073,741,824 Intel Bytes.

We offer unlimited internet based restores and backups. What we bill you on is the actual storage space of your data. We also don't charge for sparse files (files filled with 0's) as this incurs less storage requirements on our servers.

If the need shall arise, we offer CD or DVD copies of your data mailed to you free of charge over standard U.S. Postal Service, no matter how many we have to send to you. For standard overnight we charge a low $5USD per transaction fee, no matter how many disks it takes.
For instances where you would like us to send these copies of your data more than quarterly, we offer a low $10 processing fee for overnight service for each instance.

With the low cost of internet based backups, there is no excuse anymore for not backing up.

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Good backups are important
Good backups are important