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Indian River Technology Consulting Services (IRTCS) has a simple mission. We are here to provide you with superior computer support services at an affordable price.  IRTCS has been providing on-line backup services for five years to private and corporate accounts. Since this was such a success with our private and corprate customers, IRTCS has begin to expand our operations and is now offering this important service to anyone.

Custom Systems

Need that next killer gaming rig built? Maybe you need a new server based on the lastest and best hardware around? No problem here at IRTCS. We have years of expierence designing, building and testing custom built systems. We have expierence with building standard systems requireing just web browsing and email capablities all the way up to liquid cooled gamming rigs. We also will custom build that server that matches exactly to your spec providing scaliablity, reliablity and availiablity.

Put IRTCS to work building your next system and see why we add more value than the big name brands!