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Indian River Technology Consulting Services (IRTCS) has a simple mission. We are here to provide you with superior computer support services at an affordable price.  IRTCS has been providing on-line backup services for five years to private and corporate accounts. Since this was such a success with our private and corprate customers, IRTCS has begin to expand our operations and is now offering this important service to anyone.

On Call Services

Here at IRTCS, we understand that down time is a major issue to most SMBs. We provide support in the event a server crash happens or a malware event occurs on your network. Our skilled technicans are there just in case something does go astray. We cover late night server crashes, weekend data center moves and all other emergency issues that arrise. We provide this service to small business, medium business and residential users.

Can't afford to hire a network administrator full time? We can help! We can provide call-by-call support, part time support or can even provide full time support staff.

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